Customer Service

Ensuring your satisfaction is one of our primary objectives. 

If it should ever happen that something doesn’t go quite as planned, then we are at your side – quickly, without unnecessary red tape, bringing all our expertise to bear.

The following employees are available to you

Thorsten Arnold

Service Manager,
Maintenance and Disturbance Chemistry, Biogas

e-mail: t.arnold(at)

Markus Klemm

Assistant Service Manager,
Maintenance and Disturbance Chemistry, Biogas

e-mail: m.klemm(at)

Jörg Göress

Hotline for Disturbance, Maintenance Operation

e-mail: j.goeress(at)

Christoph Ecker

Hotline for Disturbance, Maintenance Operation

e-mail: c.ecker(at)

Bettina Glock

Maintenance Operation Natural Gas

e-mail: b.glock(at)

Christiane Blum

Maintenance Operation Natural Gas

e-mail: c.blum(at)

Tanja Schmalenbeck 

Maintenance Operation Natural Gas, Biogas

e-mail: t.schmalenbeck(at)

Accounting, Contract Management

Sabine Ziemann

e-mail: s.ziemann(at)

Spare Parts Management

Michaela Linder

phone:+49 (0) 2336/ 809 – 212
fax:+49 (0) 2336/ 809 – 222

e-mail: m.linder(at)

During normal business hours we receive your calls and e-mails under the numbers and addresses given above. Outside business hours you can reach us through the 

Emergency phone number +49 / 163/ 8 809 218.

Our contractors in Germany 

We use our own personnel to service our biogas and chemical plants. In the interest of providing satisfactory service for our wide-ranging network of natural gas filling stations, maintenance companies under contract are close by. Ongoing training keeps both our own staff and the employees at our service partner companies up to the state of the art at all times.