Biogas Conditioning

Everyone talks about synergies. We capitalize on them!

Years of experience in plant and equipment engineering, development leader in natural gas service stations, and manufacturer of fuel vapor recovery systems – all this, taken together, has put us in a position to become, in the shortest possible time, a highly competent partner in the field of biogas conditioning plants. Based on our experience in the fields mentioned above, we offer excellent craftsmanship, reliable adherence to standards, and efficient planning. This is demonstrated in the above-average quality of our systems, which are paired with services we provide to ensure the ideal cost-benefit ratio for your biogas conditioning system. We attach particular importance to reducing ongoing operating costs. With electrical consumption at less than 0.2 kWh/Nm³, referenced to the raw gas, we set standards here.

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Biogas and Methane Feed Plants

Power to the plug – say those who champion electromobility!

Sustainable, environment-friendly energy sources – those are the modules for the future of humanity – in the personal, industrial and mobility sectors. Since the surrounding conditions always vary, our ability to turn customer wishes into reality is of particular interest. Our in-depth experience in the natural gas sector makes it easy for us to satisfy both the stringent requirements of legal and technical regulations (DVGW G260, GasNZV) as well as the customer’s instrumentation, control, regulation and safety expectations. Especially worth mentioning is the ability to obtain from a single source both the biogas conditioning system and the biomethane feed system. That eliminates annoying interface matching problems for our customers.

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Drying Biogas and Biomethane

Water doesn’t burn.

And it is for this reason that biomethane may not contain more than a specific residual moisture. It is not rare that neither the conditioning technology nor the infeed and conditioning plant is engineered to dry the gas. We employ operational safe and profitable systems for drying purpose. These are systems that feature automatic regeneration. The pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems used in our conditioning plants can also provide any desired degree of dryness with minimum energy consumption. The desiccant (a molecular sieve) used here is regenerated fully automatically, eliminating the need to replace it. The output is simply water, which can be disposed of in the sanitary sewer system.

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