Drying Biogas and Biomethane

Water doesn’t burn.

And it is for this reason that biomethane may not contain more than a specific residual moisture. It is not rare that neither the conditioning technology nor the infeed and conditioning plant is engineered to dry the gas. We employ operational safe and profitable systems for drying purpose. These are systems that feature automatic regeneration. The pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems used in our conditioning plants can also provide any desired degree of dryness with minimum energy consumption. The desiccant (a molecular sieve) used here is regenerated fully automatically, eliminating the need to replace it. The output is simply water, which can be disposed of in the sanitary sewer system.

The gas quality requirements that have to be met in order to inject biomethane into the natural gas grid are defined in DVGW regulation G260, normally in the “second gas family”. Here the limit values for the moisture content are specified as a factor of the pressure and soil temperature prevailing for the grid.

Our supply and performance spectrum:

  • Fully automatic PSA drying unit for biomethane (after conditioning)
  • Engineering the performance and volumetric flows in accordance with local requirements
  • Enclosure for the systems or engineering for installation in existing buildings
  • Control using a Siemens S7 system with touch screen, for process surveillance and dada acquisition
  • Complete delivery and installation, including electronic measurement, control and regulation technology and wiring
  • Integration into the process control system in place on site