Gas mixing plants

Gases are not always suitable by their very nature ... but we make them fit.

The large selection of gases in industry is often not sufficient to find the optimal composition for production or a process. In particular, accompanying substances can cause problems and must be removed or minimized.

We offer the treatment of gases in a variety of areas. This may include drying and gas mixing. This can mean simple but also complex tasks and requires extensive knowledge in this area.

We have had this experience for decades. We can offer you the following services:

  • Gas mixing plants for the molecularly accurate adjustment of gas qualities, e.g. for the supply of test benches, gas burners, heating systems/furnace plants or firing tables
  • Gas treatment/ removal of impurities e.g. via gas scrubbing, membrane technology, cooling and precipitation
  • Drying of gases in all pressure ranges
  • Dosing devices gas/gas or gas/liquid
  • Gas composition measurement, e.g. with PGC or continuous analysis, including sample gas preparation
  • Generation of nitrogen or oxygen to adjust calorific values or Wobbe index or to carburize fuel gases
  • Addition of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
  • further solutions for your special task

In combination with our versatile pressure boosting systems, tailor-made solutions can be flexibly developed in the field of gas-technical plant engineering and in the accustomed quality of our products.

It goes without saying that our systems comply with the current state of the art such as technical regulations, BetrSichV, the pressure equipment directive PED 97/23/EG, UVV as well as the relevant DIN/ EN/ ISO standards and have all the necessary tests and approvals.