Natural Gas Fueling Stations

The market leader is ready to help.

We became the market leader because we are able to best implement your wishes and needs in tailor-made systems and special solutions with the ideal cost-benefit ratio. Our specialists advise and support you in every phase of the project, right from the very beginning. Manufacture, delivery and assembly – all from a single source. That makes life easy for you. And we don’t leave you out in the cold after commissioning, either. Drawing on our tight network of service contractors all across the country, we have set up service capacities that ensure the fastest response times.

As a leading manufacturer we offer compressor stations, CNG pumps and accessories. Since we played a major role in the development of natural gas refueling technology, we have the know-how and the capacities needed to bring your project to fruition – on time, economically, and at the finest quality.

Our systems for refueling passenger cars, buses and utility vehicles with natural gas combine experience in conventional service station technology with the latest in process technologies. This results in fully automatic CNG fueling systems in full compliance with the state of the art.

  • Compressors with inlet pressures in a range from 0.02 to 70 bar
  • Delivery velocities of between 15 and 3,000 mS³/h
  • Reinforced concrete buildings (65 dB(A)) or containerized steel housings (50 dB(A))
  • Storage facilities in a three-section tank system, 300 bar technology
  • Regulation with Siemens S7 PLC, with plain-text touch screen and remote monitoring
  • Fully automatic (self-sufficient) dispensers, with one to four hoses meeting NGV1 / NGV2 standards

Safe fueling with natural gas is just this simple.

During rapid fueling, the natural gas is drawn from the local gas grid by a high-pressure compressor and moved into buffer storage, designed as a multi-section system adhering to the “cascade principle”. At the dispenser the vehicle is filled up in about two minutes, just as fast as when filling with gasoline.

When the gas is drawn from the vehicle’s tank, it passes through a pressure reducer valve, a blending regulator, and on to the engine’s cylinders. There combustion converts it into drive energy, just as with conventional technology. Even today the automotive industry offers a large number of vehicles factory- equipped to use natural gas. Natural gas fuelling for buses, trucks and agricultural equipment is especially good in terms of environment protection and profitable operation.

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