Pressure Booster Systems for Gases

There aren’t many who can stand up to pressure. We can.

Whenever high-pressure gases are needed continuously and where the pressure in the local grid is not adequate – or where special-purposes gases are to be drawn from gas cylinder manifolds – compressor units will have to be provided for compression and conveyance. When designing the equipment required for this purpose, we can make use of our broad-based experience in technology for natural gas and hydrogen fueling. Here, too, we can deliver all the components from a single source.

Simple and compact systems are used to supply burners, heating and test beds (in the automotive industry, for instance). In combination with buffer storage similar to the configuration used in natural gas filling stations, a variety of pressure levels and volumetric flow rates can be realized.

Our supply and performance spectrum:

  • Compressor stations to boost the pressures of gases such as natural gas
  • Compact systems in sheet steel containers, attaining final pressures of up to 350 bar
  • Compressor output in compact systems of from 15 to 160 mS³/h
  • Buffer storage in a multiple manifold design to achieve differing pressure levels, for instance
  • Gas pressure regulation systems as well as units for fine pressure regulation, in a range of ±50 mbar

The stations can also be combined, in addition, with natural gas dispenser pumps that can be parameterized for fueling either with natural gas or with special gases or for extracting gases from a tank. Here a variety of pressures and fill volumes can be preselected and maintained precisely. We offer tailor-made solutions for compressing, storing and regulating gases in stand-alone stations and for location in existing buildings.