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December 2018
VRU passes First Level Acceptance

For a Vapor Recovery Installation (reliquefication unit), a factory inspection was carried out with our customers. The compact station is used for the extraction and treatment of gasoline and diesel fumes in a passenger car refueling system and will be commissioned in 2019. The technology is based on a special Schwelm process that has been in use in the automotive industry for decades.

September 2018
Schwelm CNG technology all over Europe

In addition to the fixed turnover in our home country, we are pleased to announce the purchase of natural gas filling stations in Estonia (3 large plants with a total capacity of approximately 1,200 m³/h), Latvia (1st gas station with public access) and Hungary. The quality and efficiency of our technology is hereby appreciated and rewarded abroad.

July 2018
Biomethaneinjection ordered

We are pleased to announce that RheinEnergie AG has commissioned the installation of biomethane feed
at the Cologne-Niehl location. The scope of supply includes foundation work, building technology and plant
engineering, consisting of compressor systems, measuring technology and LPG tank storage. From mid-2019,
the plant will be able to feed up to 600 m³/h of conditioned biomethane into the local PN16 gas Network.

May 2018
Dosing installation ordered

Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH receives the order for the construction of a dosing and conveying system for resins. The liquid and powdery raw materials are dosed via a fully automatic recipe system and combined with other additives. A special feature here is a vacuum conveying system with discharge into a dissolver (Ex zone 0). The plant with a value not far to 1 Mio EUR will start operation in 2019.

April 2018
Budweis CNG-station - grand opening

In mid-April, the official opening of a bus filling station for the supply of CNG-powered vehicles took place in Budweis, Czech Republic. The plant consists of a split concrete building with 3 high pressure compressors and two double dispensers. The compressor capacity of around 600 m³/h is enough to safely and comfortably refuel 20 city buses using the fast-fill process.

March 2018
Ticket system online

Our customer service is now supported via a "ticket system" in the daily organization of fault messages and maintenance operations. Each request is assigned a unique ID and managed by the system. This ensures the monitored processing of your messages and communicates them to you via status informations.

Contact: Service(at)schwelm-at.de

November 2017
Further more biogas upgrading installations ordered

Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH was entrusted with the construction of three further plants for the processing of biogas into biomethane. The plants will go into operation by mid to end of 2018 and are designed in capacities of 350, 550 and 700 m³/h biomethane. There are now a total of 22 references established in the market.

September 2017
Tank farm ordered

Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH received the contract for the construction and erection of a chemical tank farm for Otto Fuchs KG in Meinerzhagen. Here, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide as well as waste materials are stored and handled over a road tanker discharge facility. The scope of delivery includes the complete installation including piping and automation system. The project is "challenging" planned to be in operation at the end of this year.

July 2017
BGAA Gommern consists of a performance

A further BGAA could be handed over successfully to our client revis bioenergy GmbH after the planned construction period. At the Gommern site, 800 m³/h of biomethane is fed into the net. Included in our scope of delivery is a downstream compressor installation, which is necessary for the feed-in biomethane pressure for the PN16 Network of the gas supplier Avacon.



Mai 2017
Production line opened

In the second quarter of this year, a facility for the storage, dosing and mixing of solids was successfully put into operation. The system, completely designed by Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH, is equipped with a comprehensive recipe management system and offers the fully automated production of additives for road marking paints.



April 2017
LNG dispenser ordered

Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH was commissioned to develop and erect LNG dispensers. On the basis of our initial design from 2002, at that time for a consortium consisting of ARAL, BMW, Linde and a local gas supplier, the development is adapted to the current regulations and requirements of the market. This is for us the prelude to the "re-entry" into the LNG market.

March 2017
Reconstruction order for tank farm

Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH was awarded the contract for the rehabilitation of a raw material tank farm of MAN Turbo & Diesel SE in Augsburg. The facility holds fuels prior to the supply of test rigs. The scope of supply and services as a turnkey project includes the complete design, supply and installation of the unloading station, complete tank and pumping equipment as well as construction services.

December 2016
Opening ceremony at the end of the year

As probably last official event this year, we were allowed to attend the opening of the largest biomethane plant of the BENELUX (-> to be seen here). Our processing plant produces up to 1.800 m³ / h of biomethane for feeding into the grid and supplies the customer fleet via the CNG filling station, which was also built by us. We would like to thank our Dutch partners for the excellent cooperation!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

October 2016
Certification confirmed

Schwelm Anlagentechnik was reconfirmed as specialist according DVGW 493-1 (A). In the recently completed certification process, the qualification criteria for planners and manufacturers of gas pressure regulating and metering installations as well as biogas feed-in systems have been successfully certified.

September 2016
Again biogas upgrading installation ordered

Once again, we received the order for the planning, construction and commissioning of a biogas upgrading plant category 1,400 m³/h of raw gas. A special feature of this includes a compressor station, which delivers the product gas with pressure PN16 to the infeed. Very pleasing is the fact that the customer is one of our existing clients, herewith confirming our technology and performance from past projects.

July 2016
Double success for Schwelm Anlagentechnik

We are pleased to grant of two contracts in our business fields chemical/ process technology and biogas. The orders includes an underground solvent storage tank farm and a biogas upgrading facility for 1,400 m³/h of raw biogas. With a total contract value of around EUR 4 million, we have achieved our year plan target already now.

June 2016
EKW refractories relies on CNG forklifte

At the site of EKW - Eisenberger Klebsandwerke the CNG filling station for the supply of forklifters was successfully put into operation. The plant is used for refueling of 20 forklift-trucks manufacturer Linde, which replace the "old diesel fleet". Acquisition of the tanked CNG amounts is done by a high flow dispenser with connected fleet fuel terminal, which is integrated comfortably into the accounting system of the existing liquids petrol station.

April 2016
Trucks refuel biomethane from potato peelings

Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH was awarded the contract to build a natural gas / biomethane filling station in Austria. The 11er Nahrungsmittel GmbH produces potato products for catering carbon neutral to 100%. Potatoes need to be imported from the Munich area. The trucks required for this transport to be refueled with biomethane itself produced from potato peelings. The refueling is done with a CNG station equipped with a compressor (190 mS³/h), three high pressure storage units (3 x 2.24 m³) and a combined dispenser for trucks/cars.

March 2016
Compressor station ordered

The paper mill Schoellershammer located in Düren has granted us a contract to build a biogas from sewage compressor station. The station accepts about 800 m³/h of prepurified biogas from the sewage treatment plant and leads it by three compressors to a CHP and boiler for own usage.

February 2016
Storage and dosing for solids ordered

Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH was awarded the contract to build a solid storage, including transport / metering devices and a liquid fuel storage tank. The system covers the entire supply chain of 22 commodities from delivery via storage, mixing and dosing systems. The plant will be completely designed with electrical engineering, control engineering and recipe management through us as a turnkey construction.

July 2015
Upgrading/ Injection for the Netherlands

After nearly one year of projecting Schwelm Anlagentechnik had been chosen as the stellar supplier for a complex installation to upgrade Biogas from waste materials. The installation will be capable to process up to 3.000 mS³/h of raw gas from waste and landfill in order to feed it into the network, to serve Boiler, CHP and to use it directly for a CNG/ Biomethane refuelling station, which was already installed by Schwelm Anlagentechnik last year.

June 2015
EVN Biomethan GmbH starts production

The Biogas production plant of EVN, in the middle of Germany, succesfully starts the production and infeed of Biomethane. Schwelm Anlagentechnik provides the complete technology for upgrading and infeeding in time and celebrates the well-made project together with its client, a subsidiary of Energieversorgung Nordhausen GmbH.

May 2015
Staff celebrates success

Schwelm Anlagentechnik celebrated due to the great success of the previous financial year 2014. During the ceremony at  Golf Hotel Vesper / Sprockhövel the sole shareholder Dr. Lothar Albano-Müller praised the far best annual result since company foundation and thanked the entire staff for their dedication and commitment. The current order situation in all business areas gives hope for a further increase in the current year.

March 2015
Biomethane refuelling station handed over

From now on also in Berlin Spandau it is possible to get Biomethane as a fuel for CNG driven cars. Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH delivered the compressor station, double sided dispenser and other accessories. The installation for our client Mabagas has proved its performance in a stringent acceptance test. Mabagas owns and operates CNG stations all over Germany.

November 2014
Business Breakfast in Schwelm

The Business Breakfast is known as an appropriate tool for leaders from economy, science and administration to share innovative ideas from prominent companies. This month about 80 protagonists from regional firms were hosted at Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH. The program was closed with a visit of the production halls.

September 2014
Imagetrailer just online

Here you can find our actual trailer showing some impressions of our doings in the workshop -> about us

July 2014
Biomethane refuelling station for the Netherlands

Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH was choosed for the planning and erection of a CNG-/ Biomethane refuelling station in the Netherlands. The installation will support garbage trucks with a compressor capacity of about 320 m³/h using three independant filling lines. In the next year the station will be feeded by 100% biomethane produced from renewables and waste.

May 2014
Two additional purification plants pass performance testing

Two further processing plants have been turned over to customers, at the two operating sites in Glentorf and Coesfeld. In Glentorf, this is a BGAA biogas purification plant and a BGEA biomethane injection facility used to feed biomethane produced from renewable resources. At the Coesfeld site, near Münster, the crude gas from waste materials is purified and fed into the local gas grid.

March 2014
Once again a dual contract for Schwelm Anlagentechnik

In the course of the public bidding for the energy supply at the town of Nordhausen, Schwelm Anlagentechnik was awarded a contract to plan and erect the BGAA biogas processing plant and the BGEA injection plant. By the end of this year, this energy supplier, located in the Harz area, will be delivering as much as 350 mN³/h of purified biogas into its own grid.

February 2014
Contract worth millions received from Russia

As a result of successfully diversifying our product range, Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH has been awarded a contract to deliver and assemble a total of nine CNG filling stations. These “mother-daughter systems” incorporate compressors with a total capacity of about 10,000 m³/h. These systems will be used to fill both vehicles and tanker trailers. There is a total of sixteen high-performance pumps, each of which is equipped with an autonomous register and billing system.

January 2014
*** Contract for 10th biogas purification plant ***

Following successful commissioning of our plants at the Glentorf and Coesfeld sites, Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH has received a commission to plan and erect its tenth BGAA biogas purification plant. An existing  pressurized scrubber at the Oebisfelde site was expanded by adding a Schwelm BGAA incorporating the latest in technology and achieving a performance level of about 700 mN³ of biomethane per hour.

November 2013
New tank storage for VW in Kassel

Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH has received another contract from Volkswagen AG. This time a new tank facility is to be erected to store various petroleum products at the Baunatal/Kassel plant. The scope of the delivery will include thirteen flat-bottom tanks, various pumps, steel structures, and complete tank monitoring with all the electronics, measurement, control and regulation technology. Contemporary 3-D engineering programs are being used for this contract.

September 2013
Economy of the Schwelm BGAA confirmed

An official measurement of methane loss has now been carried out by a certified inspection  agency. The subject, a first-generation Schwelm BGAA, shows a methane loss of about 1 percent when running at full load. This clearly confirms that this value is significantly less than the guaranteed values, much to the benefit of our customers.

August 2013
24-hour service hotline available

Beginning immediately, our gratis hotline is available in Germany by dialing the number 0800-SCHWELM. Additional information, along with special offers for the maintenance and inspection of natural gas filling stations, will be found in our section on customer service

July 2013
Triple success for Schwelm Anlagentechnik

Following an evaluation phase lasting almost half a year, assessing the second biomethane site established by the Regionalgas Euskirchen utility company, Schwelm Anlagentechnik was awarded the contract to install the BGAA biogas purification plant, a BGEA biomethane injection facility and a condensate recovery system near the town of Zülpich. The performance and economy of our technology, all available from a single source, were able to assert themselves in a direct comparison with almost every renowned vendor.

June 2013
Schwelm Anlagentechnik commemorates an anniversary

This month Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH celebrated ten years in existence. A scion of the Schwelmer Eisenwerk with its more than a century of tradition, the success of today’s corporate constellation was celebrated appropriately, crowned by the very best of weather.

May 2013
Additional purification plant put into operation

The second stage of the biogas purification system was put into successful operation at our Zernin pilot plant site. Biomethane is now being fed into the system in an order of magnitude of up to 700 mN³/h. Once the initial system was refit to bring it up to current technical standards, the methane loss here, too, could be reduced to about one quarter of the level found in the earlier pilot plant.

March 2013
Double order for BGAA/ BGEA goes to Schwelm Anlagentechnik

At the Glentorf site, near the town of Königslutter, biomethane will be fed in at a rate of about 350 mN³/h. Both our purification technology and our feed technology were able to convince our customers, enercity contracting GmbH and the LandE Stadtwerke Wolfsburg GmbH public utility company. Ultimately, this site will be equipped with a BGAA biogas purification plant and a BGEA biomethane injection facility, all provided from a single source.