Liquefied Gas Systems

One of the basic technologies employed by Schwelm Eisenwerke is alive and well in our operations today.

We offer you everything from a single source: From planning to erecting tank systems for the distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for private, commercial and public operation and for filling LPG-powered vehicles. For the professional world we represent a well-known and trusted firm.

  • Preliminary work such as drawing up plans, flow schematics, and cost estimates
  • Planning work, determining the space and capital requirements, preparing schedules
  • Preparing applications to be submitted to public authorities and coordination with the surveillance office (e.g. TÜV)
  • Engineering for vessels and equipment in accordance with German and foreign regulations
  • Detailed planning and execution of the overall project

The appropriate solution is worked out for every material to be stored, for every storage purpose and for every storage facility size. Pressure vessels with capacities of up to 450 m² are suitable for both above-ground and underground storage. Every storage capacity needed in practice can be achieved with the perfect combination of container size and number.

To meet the specific task at hand, plants may be equipped with stations for withdrawal from railway tank cars or from tank trucks. The vessels are emptied either with the intrinsic pressure of the gas or using compression stations. Special transfer stations serve to forward the LPG for transportation with tank trucks, barges or ships, and in gas cylinders. The product can be supplied for utilization by the individual units by increasing the pressure in the gas phase by way of vaporization and regulation stations. Here, for instance, heating systems are supplied in the same way as industrial furnaces and other heat-intensive production systems.

Inherent to each individual project are decades of experience in the appropriate industry and that experience is applied in systematic fashion. Especially where propane and butane, the environment-friendly energy sources, are to be used for heating or to generate process heat, LPG equipment built by Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH has proven its value.