Tank Farms

Safety isn’t a matter of witchcraft. Instead, it’s the result of decades of experience, ongoing employee training, technically correct planning procedures right through to assembly and turnkey transfer of tank systems of any size for the storage and distribution of flammable and non-flammable gases and substances that could endanger groundwater. To ensure that this standard is maintained at all times, our experienced service team is available for your support.

The activities of Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH include planning, delivery and assembly, and all this requires a high degree of operational safety. This is true for a number of industries, including chemicals, energy, automotive, petroleum, paints and enamels, and others.

Decades of experience and continuous employee training guarantee technically correct planning procedures, right through to assembly and turnkey transfer. This is true both for small orders from private customers and large contracts placed by renowned corporations. Thus we can create storage facilities ranging from a few cubic meters, serving as buffer storage for subsequent processing steps, but also large tank farms to supply large chemical plants. We do all of this while continuously taking current legislation into account, which means that our systems are equipped with all the required safety and surveillance equipment.

Right from the initial planning phases, you can draw upon our expertise to ensure a safe and profitable system design. The realization of the concept thus worked out includes detailed planning, including the documentation associated with applications for permits. Experienced engineers are on hand to execute this detailed planning. They render their planning services for all process-related and electrical aspects at the most modern CAD workstations.

In addition to a selection of materials for the storage vessels suitable to hold a diversity of chemicals, the associated equipment – such as pumps, valves and piping systems – will have to be matched to the same needs. This is also true for the storage conditions. In some cases heated, insulated vessels are required; for other substances inside coatings may be required in order to prevent corrosion.

We build the switching systems, including the power output sections and controls, for all the safety equipment – from the overfill prevention device to the illumination. All the electrical wiring is also a part of the scope of our delivery and services. Additional equipment such as a cathodic corrosion prevention system guarantee decades of satisfactory use. Our standards of service are listed below:

  • Certification as a specialist company in the sense of § 62 AwS; certification as per DIN ISO 9001 ff.
  • Our own assemblers with SCC (Safety Certified Contractor) training, with the appropriate certificates and license for all types of welding work guarantee technically correct completion
  • Quick and reliable service carried out by trained repair and maintenance personnel