Transloading Terminals

A full tank on its own is no help to you. The product has to get to the customers.

Our transloading technology represents the link between the tank and the transport medium, regardless of what that might be: railway tank car, tank truck, containers or even inland and ocean-going tankers. None of this poses any problems for us. We are just as resourceful in transloading acids, caustic solutions, petroleum products, liquefied gas, solvents and other flowable substances – regardless of whether top or bottom loading is your preference. Since special regulations have to be observed when loading or unloading liquid and gaseous substances at vehicles equipped with tanks, these should be taken account of even in the initial planning phases. Later they could endanger both permit issuance, realization and approval.

We would be happy to support you. With our tank terminals we offer you here, again, everything from a single source and naturally at excellent value for money:

  • Versions for up to 150 mm I.D.
  • Materials compatible with the substances being handled; PTFE linings also possible
  • With dual arms or corrugated hose for recovery of hazardous vapors
  • Telescoping fill pipe for bottom loading
  • For operating temperatures from 40°C to +250°C and operating pressures of up to 40 bar
  • Trace heating using steam, heat transfer oil or electricity
  • Piggable versions for cleaning once transfer has been made
  • Equipment with safety couplers or dry couplers

We supply not only the filling arms, but also the infrastructure required for terminal work, including:

  • Steel platforms to accept the terminal equipment
  • Folding stairs for mounting the tank trucks
  • Folding safety stairs with protective cage for mounting tank trunks with enhanced safety
  • Safety equipment to monitor loading and discharging
  • Pumping stations for every delivery range
  • Pumping and metering systems with corresponding controls
  • Gravimetric or volumetric metering systems
  • Versions suitable for calibration, with interfaces to company databases
  • Utilization in areas subject to explosion hazard

In addition, we can offer auxiliary features such as the catchment sumps as per TRwS 786 (Technical Rules for Substances Hazardous to Groundwater), truck scales, marshalling systems, etc. We carry out this work in conjunction with highly competent partner companies.